Prosig launch new PROLOG data acquisition controller

PROLOG - data acquisition controllerProsig have welcomed 2010 with the official launch of their PROLOG data acquisition controller.

PROLOG is a controller that will allow remote, unattended or standalone operation of a P8000 system. In normal operation a P8000 data acquisition system is connected to a laptop or PC and data is stored, in real-time, on the computers hard drive via the USB 2.0 interface.  This configuration provides a robust, high speed data capture environment. However, there are situations where it is not practical to keep the laptop connected. In some cases the environment may be suitable for the P8000 unit, but not for some of the more fragile components in a laptop. In other situations it may be desirable to have the measurement system in one location, whilst the operator may be positioned some distance away. The PROLOG unit is designed to address both of these requirements.

Standalone mode is used when it is not possible to keep a laptop attached to the P8000 during the test. This might be due to space constraints or, maybe, because the test conditions are considered too harsh. The initial setup for standalone mode is performed with the standard Prosig acquisition software using a the laptop or PC to configure the test. Once the P8000 system configuration is complete the setup can be “locked” into the PROLOG unit and the laptop or PC disconnected. The PROLOG controller then takes over. Buttons on the unit are used to Arm, Start, Stop and Clear the P8000 hardware. Status lights show Overrange Detection, System Loaded, System Armed and System Acquiring and Error conditions. Multiple data captures can be performed while the system is in standalone mode. Data is stored on the 250GB solid-state storage available in the PROLOG unit and is accessible using a network share via Ethernet.

Remote operation is used in situations where it is not convenient for the operator to be in the same location as the P8000. For example, the user may need to located in a control room some distance from the test itself. In these circumstances the PROLOG unit  can be used to operate the P8000 hardware from a PC in a different location. The PROLOG has a Gigabit Ethernet port that allows the P8000 hardware to be controlled over a LAN, WAN or VPN. The standard P8000 acquisition software can control a P8000 system over Ethernet with the help of the PROLOG unit without any loss of functionality.

A PROLOG system can control one or more P8000 chassis. Any configuration of multiple P8000 units that works with a PC or laptop can be controlled by a single PROLOG unit.

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