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If you’re a fan of Twitter or Facebook there’s a new way to keep up to date with the latest Prosig articles on the Prosig Noise & Vibration Blog. We now have a Twitter and Facebook page! Both Twitter and Facebook lend themselves to different ways of distributing news, images and so on. So as well material from this blog there will be some items that will be unique to both our Twitter & Facebook feeds. Twitter, for example, is ideal for posting more links to interesting noise & vibration stories that we find. On the other hand, Facebook is great for sharing photos and videos. So don’t miss out – follow Prosig on Twitter and keep in touch on Facebook by visiting the Prosig Facebook page and click the Like button.

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Chris Mason

General Manager at Prosig
Chris' passion for software, technology and innovation began in his teens with a diet of Sinclair ZX80's, Commodore Pets and early Apple products. Chris graduated from Portsmouth Polytechnic in 1983 and went on to have a career in software product development, software team management, web development, marketing and, now, general management. His other passions include bicycles, IoT, coffee, running, walking, cooking and supercharged Jags.

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