10 Outstanding Noise, Vibration And Acoustics Videos

For our latest collection of videos we’ve searched for the most interesting examples of noise, vibration and acoustic examples and applications we could find. A couple are educational, some are of technical interest and some are just LOUD!

1. Crime fighting sonic weapon

A highly focused and very, very loud sonic “weapon” for firing at bad guys.

Video – Sonic Weapon Makes Big Noise

2. Using salt to visualize vibration modes

Salt on a vibrating table. A great way of visualizing the modes of a vibrating plate.

Video – Harmonics – Salt on a vibrating table

3. Physiology of Flight: Noise and Vibration in Aviation

A great little movie. Specifically made with aviation in mind it nevertheless has some nice explanations on the basics of noise, sound and vibration and their effects on the human body.

Video – Physiology of Flight: Noise and Vibration in Aviation

4. F1 car ‘sings’ God Save The Queen

A Renault F1 car performs its “party piece”. Apparently, it can also play “We Are The Champions”.

Video – F1 car ‘sings’ God Save The Queen

5. Another singing car – more like opera this time

A beautiful advert for the Lexus LFA. Just goes to show that it isn’t only opera singers that can break wine glasses.

Video – 2010 Lexus Commercial: “Pitch”

6. Wine glass broken by non-opera singer

On the subject of opera singers and wine glasses… In this video a non-professional singer demonstrates that you really can break glass with your voice. It’s definitely worth heeding the advice and not trying this experiment yourself!

Vide0 – Shatter a wine glass using voice resonance

7. Sources of sound – high speed film

A really informative movie that explains many of the basic concepts of noise and vibration and how they relate to one another. This movie also has some really great high speed camera shots of acoustic phenomena.

Video: Sources of sound – high speed film

8. Thrust SSC – including the double sonic boom

Nearly thirteen years later and still the fastest car in the world. There’s some great footage in this video which includes the famous Thrust SSC double sonic boom.

Video: Thrust SSC – including the double sonic boom

9. NASA Test Firing Methane Engine

A NASA test of a methane engine necessary for prolonged space flight. The sound when it ignites is just incredible. Try listening with a good set of speakers or headphones.

Video – NASA – Methane engine test fire

10. BRM V16 Engine Sound

One of the most spine-tingling motorsport noises you’ll ever hear. And possibly one of the loudest!

Video: BRM V16 Engine Sound

Finally – A Handy Playlist

You can find all but one of the above videos in one handy playlist on Prosig’s YouTube channel where we are collecting all the great noise and vibration related videos that we find and will soon be adding our own – Outstanding Noise & Vibration Videos

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