5 Videos That Explain Resonance

One of our most popular articles here on the Noise & Vibration Measurement Blog is What Is Resonance? by James Wren. Since this is such an important concept in noise & vibration measurement we thought we’d see what videos we could find to illustrate the phenomenon. So, here are 5 videos that show various aspects of resonance. Have you got any favourite videos or resources on resonance? If you have, leave us a comment at the end of this post. Or leave us a comment to let us know what you think of our choices.

1. Sound Resonance

Illustrating sound resonance using tubes and a speaker

2. Scott Ainslie Teaches Resonance

A great demonstration of resonance by a blues musician using improvised musical instruments.

3. Ground Resonance

A vivid demonstration of damage that resonance can cause. A rear view of the same test can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2tHA7KmRME

4. Resonance

A study of waves caused by resonance.

5. Conceptual Physics – Demo Of Resonance

A rather manic presenter, but a very good explanation.



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One thought on “5 Videos That Explain Resonance

  1. beetroot2012

    1. Not completely convincing. Would be better if the closed inner tube configuration was shown at the start, which would make sense of the length measurements. Why does the presenter not always get the results he expects? It would be good if this was discussed rather than glossed over. Maybe he should at least touch on different oscillation modes (if he’s aware of them).
    2. Musically entertaining. Both guys clearly know the word “resonance” but do they really understand what it means? I’m not convinced they do. They explain why “more air is moved” but that’s not exactly the same thing – you can move more or less air without a resonance effect.
    3. No explanation of how/why this is an example resonance. I know, but that’s because a friend on an Aeronautical Engineering degree course told me many years ago. Hint: the earth bank in the background. Poor old Chinook.
    4. I’ve not seen this one before. Interesting and somehow disturbing. No real attempt to explain why the direction of rotation should vary. I don’t know either.
    5. Right kit, wrong demonstrator. He didn’t resonate with me!

    I have always found “oscillating weights on wires of different lengths” to be the best demonstration of resonance. Should be included.

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