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5 Unusual & Interesting Acoustic Webpages

Many of our readers spend their days studying or solving noise problems. In our day-to-day work it's often easy to forget some of the more unusual applications and miss out on the more interesting side of acoustics. So we have gathered together 5 examples of unusual or interesting acoustic work. If you know of any other out of the ordinary acoustic applications or websites then please leave a comment in the box at the end of this post.

1. Sound Cooling - Using Sound Waves to Refrigerate Food

"To chill Ben & Jerry's ice cream, a new freezer employs sound waves and harmless gases in place of the moving parts and hazardous chemicals in traditional refrigerators. The "thermoacoustic freezer" is very efficient, cheap and environmentally friendly"...


2. Letting No Music Go Unrecognized

"Modern music recognition software has taken the guesswork out of locating music. With just a tap of a finger, smartphone users everywhere can record, send, and analyze 15 seconds worth of music to receive a response with the track name in only a matter of seconds. By analyzing a song’s unique “audio fingerprint” and reducing the necessary amount of identifying information, the song in question can be matched within a database in increasingly short periods of time, made possible by a powerful algorithm developed by engineers. Now, no territory is unfamiliar for the music connoisseur; any song, anywhere, can now be identified by its correct name and downloaded in a few short steps"...


3. Grooved Mechanical Piping Systems Reduce Noise, Vibration

"Traditional noise and vibration attenuation methods may be unnecessary for heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems, as well as industrial utility piping and fire protection systems, when using grooved mechanical piping systems"...


4. Inventing Homemade Instruments with Math and Measurement

A great site that not only has educational animations of the science behind the acoustics of musical instruments, but also practical instructions on how to make instruments out of everyday objects...


5. 10 Cool and Innovative Speaker Designs

"Speakers make the sound louder and clearer. Traditional speakers used to be huge and heavy and occupied large space. Now the scenario has changed, with the new inventions and technological advancement more sleek, light weighted and trendy speakers with high sound quality have popped up in the market. There are many innovative and smart speakers that have the trendy and stylish looks with special features. Here we have the list of ten cool and innovative speaker designs that will surely delight you"...



So there we are. Five sites for you to discover and enjoy. Do you have any good interesting or unusual acoustic websites or webpages? Leave us a comment below.




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