What’s All The Noise About?

We’ve come across a number of great noise related resources lately. So, rather than keep them all to ourselves, we have decided to share them with our readers. Thanks should go to @NoiseHelp on Twitter for providing a couple of the links.


A detailed look at noise and hearing from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Noise – http://www.asha.org/public/hearing/Noise/


Colours Of Noise

We’ve all heard of white noise and probably pink noise. Prosig’s DATS software supports generation of white, pink & red noise as standard. But what about violet noise? Orange noise? Wikipedia has a full rundown of the colours of noise, both ‘official’ and not so official, and includes audio samples of the ‘officially’ defined ones.

Wikipedia: Colors Of Noise – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colors_of_noise


Noise Level Charts

A collection of charts and infographics relating different dB levels to real world examples.

Noise Level Chart – http://www.noisehelp.com/noise-level-chart.html

Decibel (Loudness) Comparison Chart – http://www.gcaudio.com/resources/howtos/loudness.html

How Loud is Loud? – http://www.georgiahometheater.com/blog/david/2010/how-loud-is-loud-2/

Noise level Statistics. How Loud is Too Loud? – http://www.infographicsshowcase.com/noise-level-statistics-how-loud-is-too-loud-infographic/


Space Shuttle Launch Audio

In the words of the video maker – “Using dozens of different video sources and countless audio versions of Shuttle launches I mixed this little clip together to mimic as close an experience to the real thing as I could. I know that the exact sequence of countdown events is somewhat compressed and not time-accurate but I was going more for the ‘feel’ of a high energy launch experience rather than a technical documentary. Throttle Up and SRB Separation are sounds as might be heard from onboard acoustic transducers picking up resonant vibration in the vehicle’s structure.”


Top 10 Loudest Noise

Not strictly a “top” ten, but a good list comparing some of the loudest sounds ever produced. I had always thought that whales were quiet creatures. Who’d have thought they could make such a loud noise.

Top 10 Loudest Noise – http://listverse.com/2007/11/30/top-10-loudest-noises/


What Makes Music…

Everyone likes music of one kind or another. It is one of the most emotive art forms. But what is it that causes music to effect our emotions? Here are some links to pages that explain some of the science behind music.

What Makes Music…

…Sad? – http://www.exploratorium.edu/music/questions/sadMusic.html

…Pleasant? – http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/05/100520131431.htm

…Expressive? – http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2011/04/18/science/20110419-music-expression.html

…Happy? – http://news.discovery.com/human/music-dopamine-happiness-brain-110110.html


Noise Induced Hearing Loss

An extremely comprehensive article on noise related hearing loss by the American Hearing Research Foundation.

Noise Related Hearing Loss – http://www.american-hearing.org/disorders/noise-induced-hearing-loss/


The Silent PC

This site is partly dormant now, but it still has many useful and informative sections or reducing the noise from a PC.

The Silent PC – http://www.silent.se/

[30-Nov-2011 – Update: See the comments section below for further silent PC resources]

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