Do You Need To Measure Brake Noise?

The objective of the brake noise tests was to record the braking events of cars being driven on various types of road and classify those events according to their type (Groan, Creep or Squeal etc) and severity. To do this the customer needed a system capable of working for long periods inside a vehicle in fairly tough conditions (high ambient temperatures, rough road) that was both quick to install and to remove.

On previous tests a system from another supplier had turned out to be unreliable and had failed to cope with the harsh environment. The analysis processing had also proved tedious and time consuming due to the huge amount of data created when testing several vehicles over many days.


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Prosig Announce New Braking Analysis Tools

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Prosig are pleased to announce the launch of two new tools to assist engineers in the measurement and analysis of noise and vibration issues in braking systems.

Controlling noise and vibration from brakes is crucial to subjective customer satisfaction and problems of this type are one of the biggest contributors to warranty costs. Therefore, it is important to be able to accurately and quickly measure and analyze the various phenomena that can cause problems. In addition to all the standard NVH & Refinement tools that Prosig provide, there are now two specific products to address the needs of braking engineers.


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