Rotor Runout Measurement

Prosig’s DATS Software includes an optional add-on package for rotor runout measurement. Runout may consist of two components – Mechanical Runout and Electrical Runout. You can read more about runout on here – Rotor Runout Measurement.

We are often asked exactly what analysis and information is included  The purpose of this post is to show some of the screens and reports from the Rotor Runout Measurement package. So here goes… (more…)

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Shaft Displacement Measurement Using A PROTOR System

Shaft displacement is an important vibration measurement for rotating machines. Shaft displacement is usually monitored by non-contact shaft displacement probes such as eddy-current probes. These probes produce a voltage proportional to the distance of the shaft surface relative to the tip of the probe. For maximum benefit, ideally two shaft displacement probes will be fitted to measure the displacement in both the horizontal and vertical directions. Actually the probes do not have to be exactly horizontal and vertical as Prosig’s PROTOR system is able to resolve into the horizontal and vertical directions.


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