10 Videos Featuring Technological Innovation, Inspiration And Invention

This post is a celebration of everything great in science, technology and engineering. From simple inventions, through future technologies, to one of the greatest human minds in history. All of the following videos are examples of the best there is in technological innovation and invention. The sort of radical thinking that makes one think “Wow!”.

Do you know of any more videos like these? Why not share them by adding a comment with a link in the Leave A Reply box at the bottom of the article. If we have enough we will publish a followup article featuring the best of your suggestions.


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10 Great Fourier Transform Links

Joseph Fourier

Following a discussion in the office about Fourier Transforms we did a little searching on the web. As always, we discovered that the Internet is packed with some great resources on Fourier and his work. So rather than keep all of the information to ourselves we thought we should share it with our readers. We have whittled our list down to 10 links that we think represent the whole range of information from beginners guides to reference pages. So there should be something for everyone whether you’re a grizzled signal processing veteran or a student looking to learn something new. If you have your own favourite Fourier links then please add them to the comments. Maybe we could use them for a future blog post. Or if you have other comments please feel free to add them below.


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