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The V7.0 release of DATS, the long-established signal analysis software from Prosig, contains a comprehensive fatigue analysis package for stress-life, strain-life and weld-life prediction. Prosig also design and manufacture a range of P8000 data acquisition systems for gathering strain data, which means that they are able to supply a total solution from data capture to analysis and reporting. The strain-life analysis is enhanced by the availability of a materials database included within the package. Alternatively, the software can import raw data from a wide range of other suppliers. A wide range of pre-processing routines handle peak-trough extraction, principal strains and principal stresses, rosette signal manipulation and various rainflow counting methods. The final results can be presented in either 3D histograms or tabular form, and can be exported into industry standard formats such as Microsoft Word and Excel.

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Chris Mason

General Manager at Prosig
Chris fell in love with technology and innovation in the early days of personal computing (Sinclair ZX80's, Commodore PETs & Apple ]['s) This hobby became a career in software development, product development, team leadership, web development, and marketing. He is now General Manager at Prosig & DJB Instruments, both part of Condition Monitoring Technology Group. In 2019 Chris completed an Executive MBA at the University of Winchester where he focused on innovation and strategy.