Audio Equalisation Filter & Parametric Filtering

When working with audio signals a common requirement is to be able to equalise, cut or boost various frequency bands. A large number of hardware devices on the market provide this capability. The key aspect is that such filters are able to control bandwidth, centre frequency and gain separately. There are broadly two classes of filter used, a “shelving” filter and an “equalising “filter (also known as a “peak” filter). A shelving filter is akin to low pass and high pass filters. An equalising filter is like a bandpass or band reject filter.


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Removing Phase Delay Using A Phaseless Filter

In many instances we need to filter a signal to remove unwanted frequencies. If we use classical filters such as Butterworth, Chebyshev or even Bessel then a phase delay is introduced. This phase delay is itself a function of frequency so that the signal content at one frequency is delayed a different amount to that at another frequency. Why does this matter?


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