Sound, Vibration & Acoustics Digest #10

Here’s our latest collection of noise, vibration & acoustics stories from all corners of the internet. We hope you enjoy them. Leave us a comment.

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Chris Mason

General Manager at Prosig
My passion for technology and innovation began as a teenager with Sinclair ZX80's, Commodore PETs & Apple ]['s. This became a career in software development, product development, team leadership, web development, and marketing. Now I am a General Manager responsible for growth, innovation, strategy & leadership. I gained an HND in Maths, Stats & Computing from Portsmouth Polytechnic in 1983 and completed an MBA at the University of Winchester in 2019 where I focused on innovation and strategy.
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Gennaro Granito
Gennaro Granito
4 years ago

Great work! Thank you

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