Exhaust Vibration Measurement – A Case Study

Exhaust Vibration Measurement - Customer Requirement One of Prosig's customers needed to perform exhaust vibration measurement on some of their vehicles. They contracted Prosig to take the measurements and provide reports of the…

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Creating Order Plots Using The DATS Rotating Machinery Software

In this tutorial we will be creating order plots using waterfall and intensity displays using use the DATS.toolbox and Rotating Machinery Analysis option.

To begin, a noise, vibration or other signal of interest should be captured along with a tachometer signal.

In Figure 1 we have loaded a time series (in this case an acceleration signal) and a time series of a tachometer pulse train into the DATS software.


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What is “waterfall smearing”?

When analysing a waterfall or performing order analysis it is important to consider the frequency resolution or the frequency spacing.

There is often a desire to increase the resolution to finer and finer detail. But that is a process of diminishing returns, and actually fraught with danger. And that danger is waterfall smearing. (more…)

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