10 Cool Engineering Videos

We’ve scoured the web (well, YouTube mostly) for the coolest engineering related videos we could find. Have you got your own favourite engineering videos? Please use the comment box at the end of this post to tell us what they are.

1. Damn cool mechanical presentation

A demonstration of MIT’s ASSIST sketch understanding system.

2. The biggest suspension Bridge

Today’s biggest suspension bridge was built borrowing ancient technology. This video shows how it happened.

View…  The Biggest Suspension Bridge

3. ‘Engineering is Cool’ film

A film commissioned for the new president of the Hong Kong Institute of Engineers that showed the excitement of engineering and was used to attract young people to the engineering profession.

View…  ‘Engineering is Cool’ film

4. Collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge

No list would be complete without the most famous demonstration of resonance ever…

5. Worlds Smallest Running Chevy V-8

1/6th scale Moyer Made Chevy V-8 based on a 327 cu in Corvette Motor. Everything is to scale, yes even the spark plugs and distributor.

View… Worlds Smallest Running Chevy V-8

6. Del’s Beautiful New Wooden Machine

For those who think everything should be made of metal or plastic – a fantastic “machine” built entirely from wood and glue. No nails and no screws. The fact that it is entirely pointless somehow makes it even more wonderous.

View… Del’s Beautiful New Wooden Machine

7. Inside an Engine

A high speed camera view of the inside of a cylinder in a petrol engine.

View… Inside an Engine

8. Formula 1 Engine Test

A Formula 1 engine test that displays graphically just how much heat a high performance engine generates.

View…  Formula 1 Engine Test

9. Unreal Hi-Speed Camera Shots

Some fantastic high-speed camera shots. Not all strictly engineering related, but well worth watching to see the dragster shots at around 2m30s. The deformation of the tyre is incredible as is seeing individual cylinders exhausting.

View… Unreal Hi-Speed Camera Shots

10. It’s Cool To Be An Engineer

Any list of cool engineering or engineers has to include the coolest (and funniest) engineer ever – Dilbert! Do you have “the knack”?

View…  Its Cool to be an Engineer

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Engieering Videos
9 years ago

These videos are cool and awesome, i came to know about this site by friend rajesh.
I am your RSS Reader.

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