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Buzzing & Flickring: Two New Ways To Keep In Touch

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Prosig have recently added two new ways for our readers to keep in touch with new articles on the blog, happenings at Prosig and other interesting information that we find about NVH, noise & vibration measurement and condition monitoring. Now, as well as Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn, we can be found on Google Buzz and Flickr.

For those of you unfamiliar with these sites…

Google Buzz

Google Buzz is available from any Google Mail account and, according to Google lets you “Share updates, photos, videos and more. Start conversations about the things that you find interesting.” If you are familiar with Facebook then Buzz is pretty similar. You choose who to follow and then any updates they make or links and images they share appear on your Buzz page. Likewise, you can post your own links, videos, images etc. and they can be seen by people who chose to follow you. You can find Prosig’s Buzz page here.


Flickr is a long established site and is probably about the most well known image publishing site on the web. It provides the perfect environment for us to share our photos of products and activities with our community. One immediate benefit is the new Gallery tab on this blog. This links directly to our Flickr photos. So you can either look us up on Flickr – – or simply take a look via the Gallery tab above.

We welcome your comments and feedback on all of these sites and also, of course, here on the blog.

[Update 22/05/2014: Buzz & gallery links removed. Buzz, of course is no more (we do have a Google+ page now though) and there is no longer a gallery on our blog]

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