A New Partner In Condition Monitoring – VibrationDiagnostics Ltd

Prosig have worked for many years with Chris White when he was employed by RWE nPower in the Turbine Generator Rotating Plant Dynamics and Condition Monitoring Group.  RWE use the PROTOR Online Vibration Monitoring system extensively at many sites in the UK and worldwide.

Chris has now left RWE and setup his own company, Vibration Diagnostics Ltd  (www.vibrationdiagnostics.co.uk). Chris has many years of experience, specialising in large steam and gas turbine vibration and rotor dynamics.

Vibration Diagnostics can provide a fully customised service. This includes:-

  • Routine Vibration Monitoring
  • Problem Investigations
  • Shaft alignment
  • Bearing performance
  • Rotor repair techniques
  • Rotor balancing requirements and acceptance tests
  • Modal analysis
  • In-situ balancing
  • Blade position optimisation
  • Gas & Steam Turbine Generator vibration specification and commissioning
  • Vibration Training
  • Auxillary Plant Condition monitoring criticality analysis
  • Turbo-visory and Vibration Monitoring System specifications

Everyone at Prosig wishes Chris well in this new venture and we look forward to a long and beneficial relationship with VibrationDiagnostics Ltd.

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Prosig are experts in the measurement and monitoring of noise and vibration. They provide data capture and analysis systems for a wide range of applications with particular focus on noise & vibration, NVH and acoustics for the automotive, aerospace and power generation Industries. The company designs and develops its own products and its engineers have decades of experience in solving real-world noise and vibration problems for major organizations throughout the world.
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pratiy kaenty
pratiy kaenty
9 years ago

I need Noise & Vribration Measurement handbook free.

Chris Mason
9 years ago
Reply to  pratiy kaenty

Dear pratiy, thank you for your comment. You can request a handbook here… http://www.prosig.com/formHandbook.html …or email sales@prosig.com with your address and we will arrange for handbook to be sent to you.

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