Prosig Customer Seminar in China

Prosig’s Partner in China, Suzhou SV Technology Co Ltd, will be hosting a Prosig Chinese Customer Meeting Day on 25th October 2013. The day will be held at Suzhou SV Technology in Suzhou and will be attended by staff from Prosig UK.

The day will consist of the following…


  • Lecture on new developments in DATS
  • A short description of new developments for Prosig hardware and software
  • Examples of real world applications and solutions using Prosig systems


  • Customer question & answer session
  • Customers presentations of Prosig system solutions
  • Discussions with customers of how Prosig & Suzhou SV Technology can assist with solutions. What can Prosig & Suzhou SV Technology provide to assist? What do customers need to assist them in their current projects?

Contact Suzhou SV Technology at or telephone 0512 67 071 025 if you would like to attend.


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Chris Mason

General Manager at Prosig
My passion for technology and innovation began as a teenager with Sinclair ZX80's, Commodore PETs & Apple ]['s. This became a career in software development, product development, team leadership, web development, and marketing. Now I am a General Manager responsible for growth, innovation, strategy & leadership. I gained an HND in Maths, Stats & Computing from Portsmouth Polytechnic in 1983 and completed an MBA at the University of Winchester in 2019 where I focused on innovation and strategy.
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