10 More Cool Engineering Videos

Our previous collection of cool engineering videos in 2010 proved so popular that we just had to make another list. So here we present another 10 really cool engineering videos. These videos highlight just why we at Prosig enjoy working with engineers in so many different fields. And why we ourselves took up engineering in the first place.

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Engineers Are Cool

A short film showcasing some of the cool things that engineers do


Great Engineering structures

Here are 72 of the most iconic and challenging engineering projects and structures on Earth from throughout history


Cool Engineering – Sound & Fire

Chemistry, Fluid Dynamics, Physics, Acoustics, Led Zeppelin and a big dose of enthusiasm. Oh, and a robotic fish.


Carbon Fiber

A really (really, really, really) close look at carbon fiber


Mercedes SLS AMG & Michael Schumacher – Tunnel Stunt

Michael Schumacher drives a Mercedes SLS AMG on the roof of a tunnel. Or does he? Is this stunt real? Is it possible? What do you think?


Homemade Spacecraft – Space Balloon

There are many examples of this sort of experiment, but this is one of the first we remember seeing. In the true spirit of hobby engineering it has been done using whatever was available. And they brought back some fantastic images.


How A Formula 1 Gearbox Works

Nico Rosberg & Ross Brawn with some insights into the workings of the gearbox in a Formula 1 car


Living On The Moon

A video by NASA looking at the engineering challenges of living on the moon or another planet


Formula Student

Formula Student is a fantastic way for students to experience real world engineering challenges. This video gives a great taste of what it’s all about.


Inside The World’s Quietest Room

A computer simulation of the anechoic chamber at Minneapolis’ Orfield Laboratory which holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s quietest place



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Chris Mason

General Manager at Prosig
My passion for technology and innovation began as a teenager with Sinclair ZX80's, Commodore PETs & Apple ]['s. This became a career in software development, product development, team leadership, web development, and marketing. Now I am a General Manager responsible for growth, innovation, strategy & leadership. I gained an HND in Maths, Stats & Computing from Portsmouth Polytechnic in 1983 and completed an MBA at the University of Winchester in 2019 where I focused on innovation and strategy.
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Ron - EDM Parts
7 years ago

Wow these are great examples of engineering feats! I’ll have to share this page with a few of my engineering buddies who constantly show me their cool projects. Thanks for posting this!

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