Rotor Runout Measurement

Prosig’s DATS Software includes an optional add-on package for rotor runout measurement. Runout may consist of two components – Mechanical Runout and Electrical Runout. You can read more about runout on here – Rotor Runout Measurement.

We are often asked exactly what analysis and information is included  The purpose of this post is to show some of the screens and reports from the Rotor Runout Measurement package. So here goes… (more…)

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New Version of DATS Out Now – V7.0.23 Released

The latest version of the DATS software is now available. Log in to the Prosig support site to download your copy. The new version, V7.0.23, contains many new features, improvements and bug fixes. Read on to find out a little of what you can expect. (more…)

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New Hammer Impact Software – Preview coming soon

After listening to customer feedback, we have completely re-engineered the DATS Hammer Impact software. The new version will ship with the next DATS update (not the soon-to-be-released V7.0.23). In the meantime you will be able to download and preview the new package. You will of course need a P8000 system and a DATS licence with the Hammer Impact option enabled. (more…)

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