Using global variables, variable arithmetic & script fragments

One of Prosig’s engineers was recently creating a complex worksheet application that required some complicated arithmetic to be performed on values calculated in the worksheet. Worksheet (or global) variables are ideal for this. The Variable Mods DPU also has an expression evaluator built in. Consider the following worksheet that takes a Named Element from two signals and sums them. (more…)

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Finding The Analysis That You Need

I’m sure many users will have been in this situation. You need an analysis function, you know it’s in DATS, but you can’t remember where. One of the major strengths of the DATS package is the depth of analysis functions it provides. Unfortunately, when you have a deadline and can’t find the function that you want that isn’t much help. But assistance is at hand… (more…)

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Using Named Elements & Global Variables In Worksheets (Part 1)

This article is the first in a series that will introduce two very important facilities that can be used when creating DATS worksheets – Named Elements and Global Variables. It is perfectly possible to perform simple measurement and analysis with DATS without knowingly using either of them. However, knowing how they work and what they can do, will lead to much more efficient and flexible worksheets. The first subject we’ll look at is Named Elements. (more…)

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5 Unusual & Interesting Acoustic Webpages

Many of our readers spend their days studying or solving noise problems. In our day-to-day work it’s often easy to forget some of the more unusual applications and miss out on the more interesting side of acoustics. So we have gathered together 5 examples of unusual or interesting acoustic work. If you know of any other out of the ordinary acoustic applications or websites then please leave a comment in the box at the end of this post. (more…)

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8 Biggest, Fastest & Longest Achievements Of Engineering

There are many hundreds, if not thousands, of  engineering feats that inspire admiration and awe. We have picked 8 videos that we think represent some of the best. What do you think? Do you have your own favourites? Are our choices still the ultimate in their field? Leave your comments below…

1. The Largest Self Propelled Man Made Object

The Jahre Viking (also known at various times as Seawise Giant, Happy Giant and Knock Nevis) is believed to be the largest self propelled mad made object. She was also the longest and heaviest ship ever built. This video is from Jeremy Clarkson’s Extreme Machines series.


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9 Great Engineering Animations

Here is a great little collection of engineering animations from the simple everyday to the more sophisticated. A brilliant way to learn how things work. We hope you like them. Please leave your comments.

4-speed Gearbox

Engine power enters through the shaft on the left and is transferred out of the gearbox on the right. The lower shaft is known as the layshaft. You can find out more about manual gearboxes at How Stuff Works.

Gearbox animation


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10 Great Engineering Projects Using Lego

Since it’s Christmas Eve Eve, here is a little lighthearted Christmas entertainment. Regular readers of this blog or those who follow our Facebook or Twitter feeds will know that some of us are big fans of well engineered Lego projects. So, since many of us will soon be waiting our turn with the children’s or grandchildren’s Christmas Lego, we have collected together eight of the best videos of Lego engineering projects that we could find. Do you know of any more similar Lego projects? Then leave a link in the comments at the end of the post. Enjoy…


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10 Great Renewable Energy Videos

Here we have gathered together a collection of interesting, informative and some slightly offbeat examples of renewable energy. We’ve tried to find a good selection of both power generation and transportation technologies. With all of the resources available for renewable projects at the present time, this has to be one of the most exciting areas of engineering at the moment.

Take a look at the videos and let us know your views and experiences in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


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Do You Need To Measure Brake Noise?

The objective of the brake noise tests was to record the braking events of cars being driven on various types of road and classify those events according to their type (Groan, Creep or Squeal etc) and severity. To do this the customer needed a system capable of working for long periods inside a vehicle in fairly tough conditions (high ambient temperatures, rough road) that was both quick to install and to remove.

On previous tests a system from another supplier had turned out to be unreliable and had failed to cope with the harsh environment. The analysis processing had also proved tedious and time consuming due to the huge amount of data created when testing several vehicles over many days.


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6 Brilliant Richard Feynman Videos

I had absolutely no idea that this archive existed on the BBC website and so it was a joy to discover that it did. I have never come across anyone else who has been able to explain scientific principles in a way that makes them so easy to understand as Richard Feynman could. It is rare to find a mind so capable of grasping the most complex aspects of science and yet is also able to reduce them to a form that we mere mortals can understand.


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Buzzing & Flickring: Two New Ways To Keep In Touch

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Prosig have recently added two new ways for our readers to keep in touch with new articles on the blog, happenings at Prosig and other interesting information that we find about NVH, noise & vibration measurement and condition monitoring. Now, as well as Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn, we can be found on Google Buzz and Flickr.

For those of you unfamiliar with these sites…


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10 Videos Featuring Technological Innovation, Inspiration And Invention

This post is a celebration of everything great in science, technology and engineering. From simple inventions, through future technologies, to one of the greatest human minds in history. All of the following videos are examples of the best there is in technological innovation and invention. The sort of radical thinking that makes one think “Wow!”.

Do you know of any more videos like these? Why not share them by adding a comment with a link in the Leave A Reply box at the bottom of the article. If we have enough we will publish a followup article featuring the best of your suggestions.


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